Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing Interesting

Nope, I've got nothing of great interest to report. Slowly I'm getting my ducks in a row for our trip to Mexico, if we go. Helen has thrown a wrench into the works. She says that she will only go to Mexico if I clean my room. Clean my room, can you beat that??? It was clean when we moved in 1983 and it still looks great to me. She complains about my clothes on the floor and insisted that I hang them up. It seemed like a chore until I found an easy way. Anything on the floor gets put in the hamper. In a couple of days it comes back, clean, unwrinkled, and on hangers. Then I just hang them up. I hope she doesn't catch on.

In the last couple of weeks I had the front end of the Jeep worked on to get rid of some of the noises when I turn. A couple of parts were replaced and the front end aligned. I polished the wheels on my motorhome and found that it was easier to remove the wheels and polish them in the garage. When I removed the tires I found that the outside edge of the passenger side tire was cupped a bit. Considering some of the roads we saw on our Alaska trip, I was not surprised. I made an appointment to have the alignment done last Monday and the technician said that it wasn't too bad, on the edge of being in alignment. When I mentioned the cupped tires he said it was probably the shocks. That was good news as I replaced the shocks last fall and the first time I drove since then was to have the alignment. I put a set of KONY shocks and, though it might be my imagination, it seems to drive much smoother.

I really want to give the beast a good wash and wax before the trip. The hot weather of the summer had me put it off. Now that the temperatures are in my range, we've had nothing but rain. Yes, we still need the rain, according to the weather people, but many days in a row of the dismal weather makes me listless and sad.

One advantage to the cooler weather is that I can take the dogs for a ride when I run errands. Much of the year that's impossible because it gets so hot in the car even with the windows part way down. With temperatures in the 70s, it's ideal. Speaking of the temperature, we hit 44 a couple of mornings last week and that is WAY TOO cool for Florida in early October. Thankfully, I hope to be in sunny Mexico for the winter and expect to see no frost this year. Yes, I will clean my room. Helen is a tough task mistress.

Helen chatted with our friend from New Brunswick, Canada. She is almost ready to leave for a warmer climate. She alternates between Florida and Arizona, but is undecided this year. Helen mentioned our trip to Mexico and she became very excited. I called her today to give this naive Canada bumpkin more information about Mexico as I didn't want her to have any unreal expectations. Fool that I am! She has already been to Mexico. A few years ago she drove down the western side of the mainland to Mazatlan, and then took a ferry to Baja California, coming back through San Diego. She also made a second trip with a group.

Mexico seems to be a very good choice for us this year. A campground on the beach north of Mazatlan is less than $150.00 a month plus electricity. The electric rate is about 1/3 of what we pay in Florida. During the winter we will not be needing air conditioning so the electric bill may not be too bad. In the future, we may have to spend time in Mexico to be able to afford our time in Florida. My cable bill is more than $150.00 a month. PLUS, most of the campgrounds that I have researched have hot showers and free wi-fi.

I'm expecting my blog to take off in November when we do. At least I'll have some interesting thins to say. I hope.



  1. Do you still have a Nov 2 start date? Wish we were going too. Kevin and Ruth have been sending some beautiful pics. You may want to check with them about the regulations regarding ti furkids entering Mexico if you havent already.
    Donna W.

  2. Looking forward to your departure...any questions, don't hesitate!