Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blogging the Ides of December

I took the HP laptop to a computer repair in LaCruz. One recommended by Marilyn next door. There was a language barrier between us until I used a computer to access Google Translate. I typed in English and it converted to Spanish. The repairman typed in Spanish and I could read it in English. If nothing else, he was impressed with this use of the computer. He assured me that he would get right to it and it would be an hour. OK. I went next door to the Cyber cafe and used the computer there for an hour to check a lot of garbage and when I returned, he looked at the computer screen and indicated that it was not ready yet. I noticed that he was using Kaspersey to clean up my problem. Then I took a long walk about La Cruz and saw some interesting things. Returning to the shop, the repair guy brought me around back to look at the screen again. In over two hours it had only gone 30% of the way through my drive. He made a comment about grande drive and I said I'd be back manana.

This morning I picked up the computer and all the virus/trojan/malware was gone. However, A necessary file for my internet connection was still missing. One of the problems I had erased the file. Thinking of it now, I only had to delete the Moviestar program and reload with the stick. Instead, I found the file on the other computer and moved it across on a thumb drive. Success.

Now, on to the repair of the motorhome. The first picture shows the RV plumb up against the side of the road. Looking carefully, you can see that the rear cap has been pulled back about two feet.

The next picture shows the damage up close. The panel covering the central air and heat pump is bent way in, and at this point, I thought it was just the fiberglass that was damaged.

The picture below shows the heat pump with the panel and rear cap installed. It looks OK here, but the lower rear corner has actually been bent in about two inches. I didn't realize that until the cap was returned and installed. About a half hour with the jack from the Jeep and a prybar and it was close enough;

This is the rear without the cap, of course.

Here's a side view with the work completed. I am thrilled!!

Rear with the work done. I had to pay extra to have the heat pump panel done a second time, but the total cost was about $350.00 US dollars. Anyone care to guess how much that would be in Tampa???

On Monday Helen and I took a drive to the little town of Cosala, up in the mountains of eastern Sinaloa state. It waas the capital of Sinaloa/Sonora for a short time around 1826 when the regional governor decreed such as the capital it was replacing was being besieged by some enemy. The ride up was most interesting. We passed this herd of cattle, but it was not the last cattle we had to avoid.

Helen snapped this picture as we approached a small village. As we drew closed, we could see a number of young men inside playing video games. In fact, when I stop at a cyber cafe to use a computer, there is usually a good group of young men playing the interactive video games.

Bougainvilleas grow everywhere in abundance. Some are cultured and some grow wild. They flourish everywhere except the Tempesta property in Florida. That's where several plants have gone to die.

The gate to the "Magic City" of Cosala.

Beyond the gate, this is the entrance. You can see that there is no way it supports two way traffic. All the streets in Cosala are two way, even when only one car could possible fit.

The wide "streets" are for pedestrians only, and are lined with businesses or apartments.

This is Helen in her new haircut. The general consensus (except for Helen) is that she looks great in the "new sassy cut".

The Cathedral is the centerpiece of every small town. This one was all decked out as was the whole town to celebrate the Festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe. There was a lot going on during the day, but the real festival is at night. We met a young woman, born in Texas of Mexican parents who has returned to Cosala. She was telling us how at night the who area around the Cathedral and square are full of candles. We found quite a number of candles still burning from the night before. With the beautiful flowers and the vivid colors it would have to be an incredible sight.

A view into one of the numerous valleys that we passed.

More cattle!!! This is the reason we are told not to drive at night. It's not about bandits or bad roads, but cattle roaming free where ever you go. The only exception is the Maripista or toll road system. They are fenced with cattle gates to keep cattle from access to the highway.

Elden, a Canadian who is camped closest to the beach, rode up the campground like Paul Revere, telling all that the turtles were being released. There is a turtle sanctuary up the beach a ways where they dig up and protect sea turtle eggs. After they hatch, they are placed near the surf and allowed to swim away. The "ranger" came to our campground to let them go. Having people around keeps the gulls and frigate birds from snatching them before they reach the water.

When they're placed on the sand, the immediately head for the water.

This one made it to the water only to be washed back.

This little fell was washed back and left upside down, an easy meal for a scavenger.

The campers fell in and took the turtles out to deeper water and let them go as the wave receded. That worked. We waited around for awhile making sure that none of them washed back. We were successful and delighted to be a part of this process.

Here is a typical sunset.

Here's another. Day after day, the same moderate temperatures and glorious sunsets. Enough is enough and well have to move inland to get away.


  1. Anyone care to guess how much that would be in Tampa???

    I guess $3,500 U.S dollars...!

  2. nice work on the repair of the computer and the rv!! you can get on with the fun!!

  3. Your pictures and commentary are great we are so enjoying following you on your trip.I'll have to try that Google Language. maybe I can learn some Spanish before we try a trip down there.I'll bet the girls are in doggie heaven with all the swimming they get to do.Rigg's is fine just being his big rambunctious self. Your RV came out just fine, The price was just what I thought it would be in Mexico. Did you know a can of freon is till under a dollar there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...