Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A great few days....almost

We've been having the same fine weather day after day. The guys fixing the motorhome panel did not come through on Saturday as they said. I was up in La Cruz to see them early Sunday morning and they promised that they would deliver it in the afternoon. They showed up sooner than I expected and we mounted the panel. It looks great. I have before and after pictures that I'd like to post when I'm able.

Yesterday, Helen and I drove up to Cosala, a small town in the Sierra Madres with a big heritage. It used to be the territory capital when Sonora and Sinaloa were one state. It is a very compact city with very narrow roads. The interesting thing is that even when there is only room for one car, it's still a two way street. The ride up there was awesome on the twisting mountain roads and I told Helen it would be a lot more fun in a Miata or on a motorcycle. I changed my mind on the return trip. The ride up was hugging the mountains. The ride back was hugging the edge. A 5 inch curb would hardly keep anyone from going over the edge.

This morning we were notified that the Turtle Sanctuary would be releasing baby turtles right in front of the campground. The guy from the sanctuary had about 25 little turtles in a box and let us help them along. The moment they hit the sand they sped for the water. It was near high tide and a wave would come along and wash them away. The next wave would deposit them back on the sand, many upside down. Then we would gather them back and walk them into the water, releasing them as another big wave receded. In short order they were all gone. Helen and I stayed with another camper for a few minutes to make sure that none were washed back.

This blog is being done on my old Dell computer. The HP is out again. This morning I was checking my email and found several Christmas E cards. When I clicked on one I got a message that something very bad was in the file. I deleted it, but I was too late. Another miserable malware!!!!!!!!

I will do this blog again when the other computer is well again.

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