Monday, August 6, 2012



This morning I went to the closest CAT dealer which is 16 miles away in Brooksville. I have been there many times and have had nothing but excellent service. They stock the pre-mixed antifreeze, which I don’t like to use after a flush because I can’t get all the water out. I like to add the proper amount of undiluted antifreeze and than top off with distilled water. At a rally a few years ago I talked to the woman in charge of stock and she told me that if I called her, she would have the pure stuff when I wanted it, and she did.

I have always come away from there with the parts I needed. No mistakes and I never had to go back to get the correct item. This morning was no different. I needed a couple of gaskets, an “O” ring and a gallon of the diluted antifreeze. He got on the computer, put in my engine serial number and he had a diagram of the parts involved. I asked about torque specifications and he printed me the directions for installing the oil filter mounting plate (that’s what it’s really called). It gives the bolt tightening sequence and torque values for the first round and the final round.

A couple of years ago I had a problem with the motorhome running very poorly on the way to St. Augustine. It was so bad that I took it to Caterpillar up there. They diagnosed the problem as dirty oil and gave me an oil change, adding 23 quarts of oil. The CAT engine I have comes in many configurations, some take 33 quarts and some take 19 quarts. Although mine takes 19, they put 23 quarts in. I drove home to Inverness and my Jeep was COVERED with oil.

Later, I went to CAT in Brooksville and had the real problem corrected. It was done right the first time and I didn’t feel that the cost was excessive.

Ok, I just wanted to give some credit to the good guys. Now it’s time to don my blue war5 suit and crawl back under the monster. It’s warm out, but at least I’m in the shade.



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