Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer in Florida

Of course it’s summer in Florida and some may think that mid August would be the hottest time of all, but that is not so. July is actually hotter because August has a lot of rain activity that tends to keep the temperature down. Unfortunately, although the temperature is lower, the heat index is MUCH higher because of the extreme humidity. It’s humidity you can FEEL! It’s humidity you can SEE, or prevents you from seeing. Each time I leave a building or my car, my eyeglasses fog up immediately and stay that way until I return to an air conditioned space for a while.

It’s also obviously extremely humid when  the thermo pane windows in our home fog up to a point where you cannot see out. even parts of the house where there is no rain, there is often a puddle of condensate under the sliding glass doors. Interestingly, Guanajuato, Mexico is now 63 degrees and FEELS like 63 degrees. Inverness is 88 degrees and feels like 96. O’Fallon, Missouri is 77 and feels like 79. We went to Mexico last winter to flee from the cold winters we have had in our part of Florida the last several years. Perhaps it’s time to spend the winters AND summers in Mexico and save Florida for the spring and Fall. Hmmm.      Just thinking…….

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