Sunday, August 12, 2012

Taking Some Time Off


I have put in a couple of very busy weeks working on the motorhome and other things, and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. However, enough is enough for now and I’m taking at least a few days off to relax. The new awning doesn’t have to be installed until October, so that can wait. Our riding lawn mower need some work, but that can also wait. Actually, we have a self-propelled walk behind mower that Helen actually prefers as she likes the exercise. I prefer the riding mower and it’s large swath because I don’t like mowing and I want to get it done ASAP. There are a few other jobs around the house that can also wait. I have a bunch of books I got at the library and it’s time to kick back and relax. Tomorrow, Helen and I are going out to lunch and then to a movie. We’ve earned it.


This is a picture of the part of the muffler hanger that broke. You can see how the top part was held by six rivets, but the bottom only by three. You can also see how close to the bottom the three rivets were. The replacement I cut about a half inch longer and doubled up on the rubber. I hope it will work, but it is something else I’ll keep my eyes on.


We still have our chocolate lab in a lampshade collar so she can’t scratch the ear that had the hematoma and it has become a real pain in the butt! Well, not the butt, but the back of the legs for sure. It seems that she can’t realize the she has the collar on and still tries to squeeze into places where she used to fit. In addition, she has scuffed the paint off the doorways as she tries to worm her way through an opening. She is definitely MY dog and follows me endlessly.  I used to grouse about her hitting me behind the knee with her cold nose. Now, the collar is just a source of irritation. I’m surprised that she doesn’t seem to mind it and it’s still on for over a week and a half. One more week to go.


That’s about all for now. I’m well into a new David Baldacci book and enjoying it greatly. Chill out!!! Y’all


  1. nice cone dog!!!..poor thing!..hope her ear heals fast!

  2. Maybe RCA can use her for an advertisement. Tell her I will send Rigg's down, he only took 10 minutes chew his off and render it unusable, this time the vet said just to watch him and not waste the money on a cone. Will say he didn't scratch or lick his stitches and he healed perfectly. Take some pictures or have Helen do it of your awning replacement. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna , oh yeah get rid of that verification step. it's a pain. Sam & DOnna..