Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Cookout

This was a gathering of the Florida Tempesta clan with the Coletti cousins from California. The weather was perfet and everyone seemed to have a good time. The pool kept the kids occupied for much of the day , sapping their energy and making life easier for the adults.

At the top you can see Kristin with three month old Kimberly.

Below that is the group picture of everyone except Scott, who was working in China. Lest to right it's Carlos and Paula from California, Keaton in the brown shirt and Kyle in red. Robin, then Kristin holding Kimberly, and PT (Paul Jr) behind in the red shirt. Helen with Jodie and me behind. Number 83 is Kolbie with sister Kourtnie behind him and Heather behind her. The gent on the far right is Branden.
Third picture is of the Inverness Tempesta's and their wonder dogs Coco and Jodie.
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