Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Cookout

This is cousin Paula Patterson, nee Paula Marie Coletti, younger daughter of Paul Coletti and Rosielyn Rainone.

Next is Carlos Patterson of the Panama/New Orleans Pattersons.

Helen and I met the Pattersons for the first time last summer, though Paula and I have been in contact for several years. The most startling thing about Paula and her sister, Fran, it their obvious Coletti appearance. They had the NERVE to say that I look like their father!!!! Let me see, I'm short, fat, and bald........could they be right?

The third picture is of PT, Keaton and Carlos. When we have a cookout, PT gets drafted to be the chief cook. It works out very well because he does an excellent job and saves me the embarassment and ridicule of serving either nearly raw or very much over cooked burgers.

The last Picture is of Helen and our great-granddaughter Kimberly. That's one very happy great grandma.
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