Monday, May 18, 2009

Revisiting Louie

Today was a rainy day in Citrus County, but Helen and I had arranged to take Jack and Kathryn Farrell up to Dunnellon to see Louie. Helen had spoken to Penny Cobb about the vivit and she was more than gracious. It was quite a reunion! I was standing outside the driver's door when Penny let Louie out of the house. In a few bounds, he was at the door and when he saw Jack, he was on his lap in a leap. Then he saw Kathryn, who was sitting in the back with Helen. He was in the back in the blink of an eye. He recognized them both, but Kathryn has been his sole source of food and "walks" for over a year and he was very attached to her. Inside the house he laid at Jack's feet for awhile, as he used to do at their home, then he went to Kathryn and spent some time with her. The gentleman is obviously Jack Farrell and the lady is Kathryn. The small (really tiny) Doberman on Kathryn's lap is Bella, Louie's new house mate. Penny assures us that they get along well.

After the visit, the Farrells took us out to lunch at Charlie's Fish House in Crystal River.

Jack and Kathryn do not feel like strangers, but like old friends that we have become reacquainted with and I expect we will be in contact in the future.
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