Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Homassa Springs

Here are more pictures taken at the Springs. They, as well as most of the others, are courtesy of Carlos.

Top is a great picture of a Momma Sand Hill Crane and a very young chick. There were a lot of birds who would grab the chick in a heartbeat, but Momma always kept the chick close and always stayed between the chick and possible danger. Also, as benign as the crane appears, they have been known to put their beak right through a man's hand who got too close for comfort. That same beak could quickly kill one of the predators hovering by.

The swan picture is beautiful. Beautiful as a swan may be, it has the disposition of a rattlesnake.

An alligator basking in the sun is the epitome of idleness and sloth. Don't be fooled, it approached, they react in a frenzy that will amaze the onlooker.
The last picture is of Jake, a long-time resident of the park. We tried to tell Paula to keep her distance, but.............. we'll miss her.
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