Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in the Groove in Punta Perula

I back to my old self here in our little piece of paradise south of the border. My physical problem was two-fold. I have an ulcer problem once in a great while that causes some blood loss and that is part of the problem, but only a minor problem as it turns out. My greater problem is that I am simply too stupid to take in enough liquids when it is hot! That may seem to over simplify things, but it's the truth. The greatest problems I was having was dehydration. The worst part is that this is not the first time this has happened .......or the second. Really stupid. I drink when I'm thirsty, believing that it's enough, but I'm actually only getting half the water I need.

So, the day we went to the clinic, Helen allowed me no coffee in the AM due to the blood test. I had the blood test and we walked around the city of Tomatlin for a couple of hours in the 90 degree heat. Then we went back for the test results to take back to the clinic. We stopped for lunch and I could only get half a bottle of Coke down. After my "meltdown" in the clinic, the doctor started an IV of saline solution and as the fluid was absorbed into my body, my blood pressure rose and I was feeling fine. By the time Helen returned, the Doctor and I decided that a trip to a major hospital in Puerto Vallarta was not warranted. Phew!!!! I got a series of six iron shots and I now feel great.

The iron situation has been a problem since my bariatric surgery in 1998, and I have to return to my hematologist for an iron infusion from time to time. I had a blood test before our trip and I was concerned because my iron was a tad low, but my new hematologist ( the past two have retired) assured me that I'd be fine. We'll have to talk when I get back.

The worst part of this is that the doctor says "no more coffee, coke, or chocolate". Well, I'm not a big coffee drinker. My brother is a big coffee drinker, having many, many cups of black coffee throughout his waking hours. I guess I'm a sissy coffee drinker, a weak cup of instant coffee with milk and sugar, but I don't really wake up until I've had that second cup in the morning.

A couple of weeks ago I told about my journey through the main plaza in Tamazula de Gordiano. This is a central plaza for PEDSTRIANS. It is not meant for vehicular traffic, except for the funeral procession that was going on at the time. I entered at the bottom right and the police were waiting at the top left. There was not a nasty word said that I could understand and the police led us back to the correct highway. One hears "stories" about corrupt police and how they demand a tribute for catching you in an infraction. This group certainly had enough provocation, but treated us very well.

A few days ago we met some friends for lunch in La Manzanilla at a restaurant called Figaro's.

The walkway between the door and the restaurant.

More of the entrance.

From the left Ulli, Me, Brian, Sue, Mavis, and Jim.

Not in the picture is Heinz. He and Ulli are staying up the beach at Boca Beach Campground. Also missing from the picture is Tilley, who is looking for scraps under the table.

We had a great time reuniting with Ulli, Heinz, Brian, and Sue. We met Mavis and Jim for the first time. The ambiance of Figaro's is to die for. We were situated just above a beautiful beach and we had a constant cool breeze blowing in from the Pacific. One of the greatest attributes of Mexican restaurants is that you are not shuffled out when your meal is consumed and you get your bill only after you ask for it. Therefore we could and did have a lengthy chat with all our friends.

The food at Figaro's was very good, but it does not meet the standard for Italian cooking that I'm used to. I have to say that you should not let a German or a Scotsman set the standard for Italian fare. Helen said afterward " This is the first time I went to an Italian restaurant and had fish and chips". It's probably also the first time Helen hasn't seen Lasagna on the menu, her all time favorite.

Back at Perula the boats are moored for the night. I notice that some are here only for a night or two and some have been here for a week. This picture is not accurate for tonight for it's Sunday and there are twice as many boats.

More later.


  1. Tell Helen when Donna & I make it down to your place , she will make some of her Christmas Lasagna for her, no exaggeration it is 3-4inches tall.Glad to hear you are feeling better, Hard to believe it is almost February I am a spoiled Dago too. I like my Italian cooking, Hope the girls are being good and doing fine. Rigg's and Sadie are fine they have had the Grandkid's here the last two weekends so they have had plenty of playtime, Nicole lives with us, so there is always one kid to keep them company. I am gnawing at the bit waiting for March to get here and get out on the road with the fiver, The floor looks outstanding and is probably twice as solid as new since he used 3/4 marine plywood as the base.Have fun and please be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. If you look close enough you can see Tilly under the table - the black blob........Brian

  3. So glad you are feeling better and they found the problem..always exasperating when you stop feeling bad and they still dont know the source of the problem....
    Excuse me, but when you listed who was missing you forgot to mention HELEN....
    See you hopefully in April