Monday, January 9, 2012

From Mexico's Central Valley to the Pacific Shore

Sunday was the day when several campers at Hacienda Contreras moved toward the Pacific Coast. It was difficult to say good-bye to the campers and camp owners that we have grown so fond of. However, we did come to Mexico for the heat and it was due time to hit the beach.

This is the road leading out of the valley. Elevation of the campground was about 6400 feet! Clear air, bright stars, and very cool nights. Nothing like the 19 degrees they had in Inverness, Fl, though.

The roads through the mountains are just one curva peligrosso after another. That means dangerous curve and we could see numerous monuments to people who didn't make the turn.

In the lowlands, there were not acres and acres, but square miles and square miles of sugar cane. When the crop is ripe. They burn the cane to get rid of all the leaves, then the stalks are cut and piled. We saw a number of trucks heaped way to high and dropping cane when they hit a bump.

Further on we passed a coconut plantation.

Along the way we passed through Tamazula de Gordiano, a city or village on the way to Colima. They have this story that they tell:

A la vez un gringo venía de lejos y trató de llevar a su casa rodante a través de nuestra hermosa ciudad, hermosa. Acostumbrado a nuestras calles y avenidas, se perdió entre las calles de un solocamino y callejones sin salida. Después de un rato, se encontró en la carretera de acceso a la plazaprincipal de la ciudad, justo enfrente de la catedral. Tan tonto que era, que él condujo la derecha en la plaza, apenas faltan varios peatones y un coche fúnebre funeral. Lo hizo de bypass varios bancos ygrandes arreglos de flores y la herida de su camino a través de los toldos del hotel y por el otro lado.Allí, una fuerza de nuestra policía valiente lo escoltaron fuera de la ciudad.

For those of you who do not read Spanish I offer this translation:

There is a folk tale told about a Gringo lost in the city.

At one time a Gringo came from far away and tried to drive his motorhome through our fine, beautiful city. Unaccustomed to our streets and avenues, he got lost among the one way streets and dead ends. After a while, he found himself on the access road to the city’s main plaza, right in front of the cathedral. So foolish was he, that he drove right in the plaza, barely missing several pedestrians and a funeral hearse. He did bypass several benches and large arrangements of flowers and wound his way through the hotel awnings and out the other side. There, a force of our courageous police escorted him out of the city.

These are the police that escorted us out of the city.

Even with the escort, navigating the narrow streets was no picnic.

You may notice how we are forced to the right side of the road, where some of the roof overhangs can gouge the side of our camper. In reality, the police were extremely courteous and helpful. Without their guidance I would still be in the plaza in front of the cathedral, blocking the funeral procession. There was also a senior citizen who directed us around the hotel awnings so we wouldn't take them with us.

Later in the day we stopped at Boca Beach, a campground recommended by Heinz and Ulli. In fact, we met them and they were surprised to see us. The beach seemed nice, but there was only 15 amp electricity and NO wifi. NO wifi, can you believe that?

This is the beach there, but we didn't let the dogs get close. Since we were moving on to Punta Perula in the morning, why get sandy wet dogs for the night.

A sunset picture taken by Helen.

This is the lagoon at Boca beach. Later we found that those lagoons can contain alligators!!! Not a place to take the girls swimming.

Sunset at Boca Beach. Enjoy yourselves, Ulli and Heinz!

The end of another day in paradise!

This is our spot at Punta Perula RV and Trailer Park. The camper is located about 40 feet from the cleaning table where all the fish are taken. I was drooling at the sight of the large fish being cleaned this morning. A half day fishing trip is $1,000, in pesos or about $74.00 US. I'll just have to go!

This is Punta Perula beach looking southeast. Beautiful!!! The water is clean and I can easily cast a lure into the blue water beyond the surf.

I'm getting ready!!!

These are the ones who really enjoy the water. They will chase a stick until I just can't throw it anymore. The surf doesn't bother them a bit and all three have had waves wash over their heads without slowing them down. They come back up and continue after the stick, all of them.

This is looking back at our campground. I can drive the beach here with my Jeep, so we take the dogs down a ways where there are no people. We had a group walk past us today and their dog joined ours in the water. The people were surprised as their dog generally doesn't do water.

This building was supposed to become a hotel some time in the past. It had gone to ruin and someone decided that it had to come down. Kevin and Ruth were there when they tried to blow it up. What they have left is a death trap, too dangerous to get near to finish the job.

This is Helen's last picture of the day. Trust me, It's as good as it looks. I could get used to Mexico in the winter and Canada in the summer. Florida is good for three weeks in the spring and three in the fall.



  1. Paul, what was the last thing I said to you onthe phone??? Stay out of sure didnt listen did you...police escort boy that tops it...Poor Helen :-)
    Girls I'm sure are in heaven, give Ruth a hug and the girls a pat.

  2. How 'bout if I give Ruth a hug...would be easier than having Paul do it!

    That hotel looks like it has leaned a little bit more than when we left.

    Punta Perula does have a nice beach, but watch those sand fleas and mosquitoes around dusk!

  3. Wow a police escort, they citizens must have thought you guys were some pretty important Gringoes.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Yes, Kevin you're right....give Ruth a big ol' hug and Paul...give Helen a hug and a kiss.
    I have an excuse....I'm medicated !