Sunday, January 15, 2012

Punta Perula again, and Tomatlan

A few days ago Helen and I went to Tomatlan to buy some groceries and to get funds from an ATM. Typical for me, I got up there and found that I left my wallet at home, the motorhome. About 65 miles round trip, but what can you do. So, making SURE that I had my wallet, we went back yesterday, taking Adolph and Millie with us. They have been coming here for about 20 years and really know their way around. They also know enough Spanish to keep us out of trouble.

Here I am with Adolph and Millie. Adolph was the first person we met at Hacienda Contreras when he came out to open the gate and let us in. They are rather quiet and very easy to like. Behind us is the bank where we both got money from the ATM.

This, of course, is Helen and me. I'm disappointed in this picture because I thought I was losing some weight, but here I'm as fat as ever. Damn camera!!!

This is Rosemary and Dennis, two MORE Canadians from British Columbia! We joined them, Adolph and Millie for lunch at Chee Chee's. You'll note the location: right on the beach.

In the years that we have been married, Helen has ordered a fine fish dinner that she was pleased with twice. Well, maybe three times. This was another of those days where her meal came as a surprise. I guess that if you want a fillet, you have to SPECIFY FILLET. Helen does not like to see her meal looking back at her. Talking with Rosemary and Dennis about my whole shrimp in Cosala, and they informed me that you had to SPECIFY that you wanted shrimp without the shells. Adolph ordered a fillet and he was pleased. The rest of us ordered shrimp without shells and we were pleased. Helen will be sure to order fillets in the future.....I think.

This is my Shrimp Venezuela very good and a lot of shrimp.

Rosemary, Dennis, Adolph, and Millie getting down to business.

This is Helen's answer to the Corona ads on TV.

Here in Mexico, you do not get the tab until you ask for it. Sometimes, north of the border the patrons are given the bum's rush after the meal is finished. When we meet another couple for dinner, we seem to be rushed and never get a chance for a good conversation. Here it is expected that you will linger a while and chat.

This afternoon we decided to extend our stay through the month and I hope this nice weather lasts. Dennis went fishing this morning and came bach with three Dorado and he saw one whale leap clear of the water. I'm still waiting for my chance.


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  1. I'll take a dozen large shrimp with or without the shells...just be sure they are without the mud veins, please!