Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2 at Punta Perula

I slept a long time this morning and when I woke up, one fishing boat was already back with the catch.

These are two of the larger fish, with the big one weighing 19 pounds. A little while later a second boat came in and there were more dolphin to clean. The boats are small Zodiac inflatables with about 20 hp on the stern. Still, they are up to the job of going out for the dolphin and mackerel and also to watch some of the whales wintering in this cove. Shortly after the second boat cleaned their catch, we were offered a couple of pounds of fresh dolphin fillets, Carl already has his freezer full and is giving his excess catch away. The fresh fish was delicious!!!

One camper recognized the dive symbol on my front plate and asked if I was a diver. Of course I said yes. He is a diving instructor way up in British Columbia. I shivered when he told me that he never dove in water warmer than 56 or 57 degrees Fahrenheit. In Florida, we switch to diving in the 73 degree springs when the ocean gets cooler, and that's with dive skins, full wet suit and a hood. He told me that he has never been diving in anything but a dry suit. I believe him.

I mentioned that Helen and I have our snorkel gear and might try that. He told me that at the far north of the beach there is a small tributary and beyond that there are rocks. Snorkel along the rocks and there is a lot to see. We will have to see. Fortunately, we still have Helen's Nikon with the underwater housing.

This is another view of the bay and you can see a number of boats. We seem to be collecting them as there are even more this afternoon.

The day was quite warm and last night was cool. We've paid for a week and will make a decision later as to if we'll stay longer.

You've seen some fish. I will be going out later this week or early next, and I would like to come home with a bragging size fish. I'd also like to see the whales, and I'd like to snorkel the rocks.

The dogs are having a ball. Some of the other campers saw them yesterday up the beach and couldn't believe how much they enjoy the water. We may have to stay here for them.



  1. a trip that has gone to the 'dogs'..why am I not surprised..Tucker would be there in flash if we would let him..what fun the four of them would have running on the beach!!

  2. Glad to see you guys are having the great weather and fun you were looking for, The fishing trip sounds like fun but I would just enjoy the snorkeling.My son Andy got a call from his Uncle Pat yesterday which was Andy's 30th birthday, Uncle Pat told him he was going to take him on Feb 9th to Fla, for a weeks fishing, don't know where in Fla yet.Gkad to hear the girls are enjoying the beach and swimming, I know Rigg's would love it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. You mean somebody is gonna eat Flipper ! ! !
    When we were @ disney andy was 9, and they were serving Mahi Mahi, he asked the girl what that was>>>> Well that's what he yelled