Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in Hingham and it hasn't changed!!!

Yesterday Helen and I had a pretty good day meeting a friend from 40+ years ago. She certainly has aged! I'm not sure what I expected, but I know I seldom recognize the old man that looks back at me from the mirror each morning. Actually, Cathy looked good. She seems to be doing well and has her life under control. Health is okay and that's all we can ask for. Did I mention that Cathy was in the Miss Wareham Beauty Pageant of 1964? No, Then I probably didn't mention that Helen was in the Miss Quincy Pageant of 1962. I'm just the type of guy who attracts beautiful women. There's also Barb, from the Miss Iowa State Pageant of 1951 and Rita, who was so close to becoming Miss Bronx in 1949.

On the way back to MA from ME, we encountered the formidable drizzle and some fog that makes it ever so dreary. Driving down Route 128, we were about to pass the exit for the Mass. Pike. I thought how easy it would be to veer off to the right and just head for home. The dismal weather has taken a lot out of me this vacation, but I'm not alone. Back at Wompatuck State Park, the campground is still mostly empty. We hear on the news that businesses and resorts are cutting prices and adding incentives to get people to part with some of their money. We stopped at one restaurant in Auburn , Maine and spent $22.00. With my receipt, I got a coupon for $5.00 off on our next visit! They were really trying. The food was great and the service excellent, but they need more patrons.

We have a few thing that we want to do here in southeastern Massachusetts, but a lot depends on the weather. According to the lates report, Saturday and Sunday will be the only rainless days in the next two weeks. UGH!!!!

I'll cry more later on.

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