Saturday, July 18, 2009


We got back into the States yesterday morning after spending an evening with our friend Lorena and her family in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Between Yarmouth and Fredericton we stopped for two days in Truro, Nova Scotia to see the tidal bore, a large wave that travels upstream as the tide comes in. We we're disappointed that our "wave" was only about ten inches high. Other people in the campground went on a tidal bore raft trip on another river and caught a bore twenty-nine feet high. They got soaked with muddy water, but enjoyed every minute. Helen and I will have to catch that next trip.

In Fredericton we "camped" at the nearest Wal-Mart along with half a dozen others. In our visit with Lorena we met her daughter, Keri Ann, and SIL Rob. Of course we've seen them several times before and always enjoy their company. This time we met Lorena's sister Hazel and find her to be as pleasant as the rest of the family. She has that quality of feeling like an old friend even though we had never met.

Next,it was off to Maine. We passed through the border patrol area and were stopped and searched, as was the camper ahead of us. In fact, the going was kind of slow as the agents seemed to be more careful with everybody. We availed ourselves of cheap fuel(compared to Canada prices) and stopped to plan ahead. We opted to head toward bar Harbor, picking a campground in Harrington, Maine. The Sunset Point Campground is situated right on the coast and we had a beautiful spot. Well, it would be beautiful if we could see. The fog and rain have found us again!

From Maine

From Maine

All was going well until Helen got to thinking about the Border Patrol search and the amount of time one officer spent in the bedroom with the door closed. In fact, the other agents asked him if he was moving in. With the rear slide in, there is not a lot to check, but there was the cabinet with Helen's jewelry. Helen had to check, and she found that two of her pieces were gone. She was irate! And, that is putting it mildly. She has absolutely no recourse. She can't really accused the guy because we were not in there with him and it would be her word against his that the pieces actually existed. She stewed all night and composed a letter to the port officer voicing her complaint, but she will never see those items again nor will she be compensated. It's late in the morning now and she has calmed down......a little.

It's supposed to clear up this afternoon, so we should get a nice sunset. Tomorrow it's off to a campground closer to Bar Harbor where Helen will do her part to keep the shops open for another year.

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