Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Job Completed

Today I finally took care of the leaking coolant tank on the Journey. It was a bit of a job as the Winnebago motorhome was assembled around the Freightliner chassis. Some of the bolts that were so easy to install some years ago were nearly impossible. However, I did get it done and I did not utter a single cuss word. My arms are a bit cut up, so I hope I don't get in a situation where Helen might be accused of spouse abuse.

From Maintenence

This is the original tank after I "gooped" it up the second time. It mostly held, just oozing a bit of antifreeze.

From Maintenence

This is the new tank. Actually, I lost so little coolant that there is no need to add any to bring it up to a proper level.

A little celebration is in order, so Helen's taking me out to McDonald's.

Some of my "friends" have voiced the opinion that I have not posted enough blog material. Believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. The lack of new blogs means that we're doing the same thing day after day after day, hanging around the campground because there is so little to do on the Gaspe Peninsula when one doesn't speak French. Especially when the weather is so consistently lousy. For so many days we've been greeted with fog and 56 degrees in the morning, going to 56 degrees and fog in the afternoon and 56 degrees and fog at night. Throw in a little rain from time to time and you can understand why we have not done too much.

Today we are in the Berry Patch Campground near Bathurst, New Brunswick. English is the spoken language here and the weather is SUPPOSED to change.

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