Monday, July 20, 2009

The Saga of the Lobster Trap

Several years ago, while visiting Newfoundland, Helen purchased an authentic Newfoundland lobster trap. It had been a working piece of equipment and it showed. Two years ago, in Maine, Helen sought a smaller replica lobster trap to use for decorating purposes indoors. We looked and looked to no avail. We saw several that were being used as decoration in businesses, but none for sale. Later, I found a source on line and ordered one. Months went by with no delivery and I called. The woman in charge assured me that it would be shipped promptly. Nope! More months went by and several more calls were made. After almost a year, I canceled the order. By the way, the midget lobster trap was about $50.00 US, plus tax, shipping and handling.

In Yarmouth, Nova Scotia a few days ago we saw them again as decorations and I again looked for one to buy. We had little luck until I stumbled on one in the window of a souvenir shop. It was a decoration and not for sale, but the sales lady called the boss and asked if he'd sell it. They quoted me $65.00 ($55.00 US) and I bought it. We never actually saw one on display for sale..........until now.

Yesterday we arrived at the Hospitality Woods Campground in Ellsworth, Maine and I went in the office to register. The office doubles as a small curio shop and there near the desk was not one, but two midget lobster traps identical to the one I bought. Oh, they were a bargain you can be sure. Having one already in the motorhome you can be sure they were cheap, at least by comparison. $24.99 US! Should I get another as a spare??? The coffee mug is in the picture to give you a sense of it's size.

From Maine

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