Monday, July 6, 2009

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

I was a bit alarmed to hear rain on the roof again last night. When dawn came, dark and overcast I was even more alarmed. Then the weather quickly cleared and we had a beautiful day. Helen and I decided to go to a small town called Chester, where they have a ferry service that goes to a small off shore island. Unfortunately, we got there so late that they only had one more trip to the island and we would not have time to get off and explore. No problem, we went back to Mahone Bay and visited the cafe we last saw three or four years ago. I had the usual, half a lobster sandwich and a bowl of fish chowder. As usual, it was perfect!

From Bridgewater

From Bridgewater

These are a couple of views of Mahone Bay. It's noted for the three churches you can see in one of the pictures.

From Bridgewater

This is a picture of the dogs having a swim in La Harve River in Bridgewater,Nova Scotia. The ships in the background are being prepared to be used as offshore reefs as is done in Florida. Locals consider the ships and dock to be an eyesore, but we see it as being scenic and having character.

Tomorrow, weather permitting and if we get up in time, we'll try to get the ferry from Chester again.

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