Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Showers and fog and wind, Oh My!

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore, or Florida either. The constant dreariness of the fog, wind, and rain is starting to get to me. On the TV, we get two channels in French, which is not acceptable. The good books that I brought to read have already been read because I never thought I'd get that much time to read. Helen hid all the sharp objects a couple of days ago and today she took away my belt and shoe laces. UGH.

All that talk about the north coast of Gaspe being French and the south coast being English is just that, all talk. If you check out the specs on Carleton, you will find that 3800+ people speak only French. 80 speak only English and 30 are bilingual. That's not a good score for us English speaking folks. In the local stores, they actually speak less English than they do on the north coast, but I have to admit that the people are a lot nicer and really try to understand what I'm saying.

When we arrived in Carleton today it was relatively calm and a lot brighter that we've seen in days, but we could see that the clouds hid the tops of the hills or mountains to the north. Later on, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped and the fog and rain moved in. Oh, joy!!! I really feel bad about complaining too much. We have a motorhome and we have heat. There are lots of people in these campgrounds in tents. Families in tents. Couples in tents. The other night Helen went to the laundry and found a number of tenters in there getting warm and dry.

The coolant tank that I ordered last week is not at the dealer's yet. The guy I talked with checked the order and found that although he placed the order with the parts depot in Toronto on the 26th, they didn't ship it until the 29th. It normally takes two days to make the trip, but tomorrow is Canada Day and everything shuts down. I may see it Thursday.

In the meantime, the weather we're having is supposed to continue for at least another week. Again, I complain, but the merchants in the area who depend on the three months of tourism are hurting badly. The campgrounds are only about 10 to 15 % filled. When we go into a restaurant there are so many empty tables, and this is the peak of their season. If you heard my thoughts about the bleakness of the Sonoran Dessert, forget it.

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