Saturday, June 13, 2009


Thursday Helen and I met several cousins and Aunt "Annie" for lunch at Joe's American Bar and Grille" in Hanover. It was a very nice meeting that I'm sure we all enjoyed. At the left of the picture is cousin Jean, who is so tanned because she spent the winter in Naples, Florida. Next to Jean is Me, hiding a good portion of my girth. Next is the baby of the group, Diane, as pleasant a person as you would want to meet. Seated in front is Carol, looking very good after a hellish year of health problems. In the rear is Aunt Estelle, or Annie as she is now known to me.

We had a couple of hours of pleasant conversation and recollections of days gone by. We all had a very good time and I'mj sure we'll do this again.
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  1. I was at Walgreens the other day and the lady "Annie" waiting on me said, "Oh, Tempesta. I'm related to some Tempesta's from Mass." But she couldn't remember any names!