Monday, June 1, 2009


When we were planning this trip north, we wanted to stop at this outdoor persons utopia. It has to have everything and anything the hiker, hunter, fisherman, camper, or wildlife observer might want. The place is huge! Way down behind the mountain you can see at the far end of the store is a full size Piper floeat plane hanging from the ceiling. A better view of the plane is in picture four.

Around the mountain are numerous stuffed animals from snakes and prarie dogs to moose, grizzly bears and there's even an elephant. All are in lifelik surroundings and it's awesome. Hunting is not my cup of tea, but the array is impressive anyway. There is a stream with live trout and an aquarium. I didn't check out the guns, but the fishing tackle assortment has got to be at least twice as big as anything I've ever seen. Helen got as great deal on some shirts. I wanted to get some stuff, but there was SO MUCH that I got confused and bought nothing. I figure that I'll be fly fishing in Canada, and the last time the guide insisted that I use his equipment and gear.

Cabela's allows RVers to camp in their lot. A lot of place allow that, but Cabela's brings it to a new level. They have drinking water. They have a dump station. They have covered dog kennels so your dogs can stay outside while you shop. They even have a horse corral and exercise area! All of this is a free perk!

I have to admit that although I didn't buy anything this time, Helen and I are frequent buyers from their catalog. They have items that you can't find anywhere else.

Now I'm out and about getting a few parts for the motorhome. It was cold this morning and I wasn't about to climb under the RV to start work on the generator. I'm camped in my brother's driveway in Pembroke, Massachusetts and I'll be here until I get the work done. Helen is at her girlfriend's house in Quincy. At least she'll be occupied while I keep myself and my brother busy.

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