Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gen and Larry Constas

Gen and Larry are friends from Quincy, Massachusetts. Gen was one of my customers a million years ago when we lived up north. They now reside at 100 Southern Artery in Quincy Point, but until a month ago, Gen lived her whole life within a quarter mile of her childhood home. West Quincy born and bred. I never though she would move. Interesting is the fact that Gen's house shared a backyard with the house my Dad grew up in, and that was just across the street from the house my mother grew up in. I have no earthly idea how Larry the Greek muscled his way into the Italian conclave of West Quincy. They have been married for many, many years, and unlike couples of today, they have onlt been married to each other.

Like a number of our other friends, Gen and Larry display a great sense of humor and seem to enjoy their journey through life. Not letting moss grow under them, they'll be off to Alaska in August on a trip that combines a cruise with a lot of land travel. Helen and I are envious as we've been bitten with the Alaska bug.

After a delicious dinner at Maria's, we returned to their home for more interesting conversation. When we finally parted, we got something of a promise that they would visit us this winter.
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