Monday, June 29, 2009

Still at Perce, Part Trois

Today dawned with the best visibility we've had in days. We can easily see Perce Rock as well as the village off to the left. It was going to be the day we took the boat over to Bonaventure Island to hike around and see the gannet rookery. Alas, it was not to be. The boats are not running today due to the weather. Northeast winds to 40 knots, gusting to 60. All the boats have been removed from the area and we found that they have been moved to a sheltered port a few miles down the coast.

From Perce

Helen and I chose to walk around the town, particularly the waterfront, meet some people and get some pics.

From Perce

Here was are at the end of the wharf with Perce Rock behind us. As we sat there, the waves were booming against the wharf sounding almost like thunder. We stopped at a dive shop and chatted with the guys running the operation. They claim to dive in 7 mm wet suits and are plenty warm enough. Odd, I think, as that's about what I need when the water temperature drops below 80 in Florida. One fellow was specially friendly and we swapped our stories of meetings with wildlife. He told of diving off Bonaventure Island with his girlfriend when along came a seal. Without thinking, he put his hand in the seal's mouth, as he does playing with his girlfriend's dog. The seal closed his mouth without cutting him or drawing blood, then quickly opened his mouth and let him go. Next, the seal stayed with them wanting to play. Amazing!

I told him about the time Helen and I were diving along the Gulf Stream and a 20 foot great white approached to get Helen. I swam over and kicked him two or three times in the gut and chased him away. Just a regular day diving in Florida.

From Perce

This is a picture sitting in one of the Gannet chairs along the boardwalk. They have the ones painted like two gannets and others painted like seal heads.

We have learned a lot about the relationship between the Quebecois and people from other areas. There is a great deal of strife in Quebec due to the contention between those who want Quebec to break with Canada and those who want to stay a part of Canada. What we hear is that 30% of the people want to secede, 30% wants to stay, and 40% doesn't care enough to vote on it. There seems to be a special area of hostility on the Quebec-Ontario border. In Quebec, they refuse to recognize anything but French and across the border the people in Ontario will not recognize anything but English. One of our dive friends told us how they treat him when he goes to Ontario, they keep asking him over and over to explain himself, even when he's positive they understand his meaning. Helen and I found his English to be easily understood.

Checking with the locals, we find that there is really nothing of note to see on the rest of the south coast of Gaspesie until we get to Carleton. Therefore, tomorrow we will drive the 118 miles to Carleton, stopping off in New Richmond on the way to pick up the coolant tank for the motorhome.

This last picture is of the break in the end of Perce Rock.

From Perce

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