Sunday, June 21, 2009

Once upon a midnight dreary

and a morning dreary, a noontime dreary, and an afternoon dreary. Alas folks, Helen and I have brought the wrath of the weather Gods with us to Gaspesie. Another day with no sun, constant fog and mist and maximum temperature of 56 degrees. Here at the campground we see no one. There are people from Texas in the very little camper next door and they hide in the warmth of their trailer. Other than the Texans and us, every other camper is from Quebec. This are is apparently like Cape Cod to the Bostonians, a weekend getaway. They drove out here for this?????

Tomorrow we'll head further east, to Sainte Anne des Monts. This will put us at the gateway to a Quebec Provincial Park that is very mountainous and has a multitude of wildlife. They claim to have the only Caribou south of the St. Lawrence Seaway and that may be true. I know that Newfoundland has Caribou but I'm pretty sure that we had to cross the seaway a few years ago to get there.

We have no TV, well, no acceptible TV as there ae only two French stations, but we have a number of great books. Helen is working on "Angels and Demons" from which a current movie has been made. I re-read it last week and it's still a good book.

That's about all for now.

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