Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Camping" at Rick and Linda's

This is our style of camping in Massachusetts for a few days. I was very concerned about my entrance and exit from Ricks because this RV is so much longer than those we've had in the past. I made it in OK, but I nearly took out their tree to the right of the driveway. I spent a few days, with Rick's help, removing the generator and getting ready to do some preventative maintenance. Once on the ground, everything looked perfect, so we just put it all back.

Yesterday, we moved to Wompatuck State Park, a very nice recreation area in Hingham, Massachusetts. Hingham is a very upscale community and I'm a bit surprised that such a nice place exists here in such a restrictive community. Of course, the state park predates Hingham's rise in status so that might make a difference. Not too far from here is the dog park we took the Labs to a couple of years ago. That was also in Hingham and also on VERY PRIME property, a peninsula into Boston Harbor.
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