Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Day with Judi

Today Helen and I went to see an old high school classmate, Judi Spellman, nee Smollett. We really didn't know Judi in high school, but chatted with her just prior to the QHS Class of '61 reunion in 2001. Then we met at the reunion. Sometime later Judi came to Florida to see another classmate and spent a day in Inverness. She's the kind of person that you feel is an old friend even if you only know her a few minutes. She recently moved into a new apartment across from St. John's Church and it is a major change from her old place. It's light and roomy with a view of the city and even of the ocean sometimes, on the right day and with the right conditions. Judi makes it a point to remind most of us that she is younger than most of us in the Class of '61, but that doesn't mean that she is 39 while the rest of us are 65. Judi is 65 also, it just took her an extra month or two to get here. We had a couple of hours of delightful conversation and company. You can always count on that with Miz Spellman.
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