Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Presque Isle, Maine

We made it further up in Maine today, but we chose not to enter Canada late in the day. By the time we'd get through customs and get information on Gaspe campsites it would be too late to continue. As it was, I slept late again, and it felt so good that I cannot complain about a late start. We made very good time on the Mains roads because they are FAR superior to what one sees in Masachusetts. We blame the cold and snow in MA, but they have more of it in Maine, and still the roads are in great repair.

On the way up we stopped at a scenic overlook to see Mt. Kahtahdin. That you will see in the bottom picture. When we pulled into the campground I spied two moose running across the field in back. I hadn't even stopped the RV. I grabbed the camera and was able to snap one quick picture before they were gone. I told the people who own the campground and they though I was seeing things. The picture is proof. A few moments later I saw a huge red fox scamper across the same field. This time the owners agreed. There are several fox in the area and two extra-large males are fighting over a female.

We had beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures all day. I guess you could call it a perfect day. Tomorrow should see us make it to Canada, Province of Quebec.
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