Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chompin' at the bit!

We're spending our last night on the plains near Calgary, and we are ready to move on. The weather here on the east side of the Rockies is something else. When you look toward the Rockies you can see a constant cloud pattern right out of some science fiction movie. There are gray clouds, black clouds, and blue sky. In the course of a couple of hours we'll see at least two showers, very gusty winds, and blue sky. As I write this at 9:45, it still light out. The temperature is about 50. It's raining moderately hard and I can hear occasional thunder. That all come to an end in the morning.

The tanks are dumped, the fresh water topped off and the car is almost all ready to be towed. In the morning I have to unplug the electric, plug in the aux brake in the Jeep, and insert the ignition key and turn to the first detent. We'll be on our way toward Edmonton, but will bypass to save time. Our first stop will be 95 miles up the road where Flying J has diesel for the equivalent of $2.81 US. That's MUCH better that we would have expected. With a tail wind and a bit of luck, we could make it to British Columbia by tomorrow night, but I expect we'll quit a hundred miles or so short.

We have the Winnebago Journey with the basement A/C and heat pump. All through the vacation we have been plugged in and have relied on the heat pump exclusively. It amounts to quite a savings as we have used almost no propane yet on this trip. My next blog will be from much closer to Alaska.

Oh, my tooth is now fine and I HOPE that this is the end of our "side" adventures.


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