Friday, June 4, 2010

Coping as well as we can!

Early yesterday morning Helen started calling periodontists and endodontists. They were reluctant to do anything without a referral from a local general practitioner. Finally we were given the name of Dr. Schwann. He was much too busy to see me, but his office manager, Elaine, told us to see Dr. Andrew Hoe. When Helen called with the referral from Schwann's office, Dr. Hoe agreed to see me. His is a very amiable dentist and his staff was terrific. He determined that the tooth had gone too far and that a root was indicated NOW. He put me in a completely horizontal position and gave me the shots to ease the pain. There was a system I had never seen before. Directly over my head was a television set. The assistant placed headphones over my ears and gave me the remote control so I could watch whatever I wanted. Being with out a TV for so long,I settled for CNN's Situation Room, getting caught up on the national news. Before I knew it, the root canal was done and I had another appointment for next Tuesday for a crown. So we'll be staying in the Calgary area at least until Wednesday.

We'd had enough of the Whispering Spruce Campground. Interestingly, when the assistant at the dental office asked where we were camped and we told her she said "That place is a hole, it's not even a campground". She was very close to the truth. I was filling up for the weekend, but nearly all of the people were loaded with ice hockey equipment. Even the street had a goal for street hockey. We got out of there and headed west to Springhill Campground, a few miles north of Cochrane. It's about 20 miles and 9 light years from the other campground.

While Helen was getting the inside settled, I was out getting the motorhome hooked up. Alas, there was water leaking from the water pump! I tried tightening the screws to no avail. I went up to the office to locate the nearest place to get a replacement. It was a 20 mile drive on way,but I got one and it's installed and working well. Replacement, what a word and how often I'm using it on this vacation. Wonder what is going to be next.

At least we are in a great location to pass the next few days. Tomorrow we're headed to Banff, in the National Park right in the Canadian Rockies. We've been watching the Rockies snow capped mountains off to our left as we drove north from Montana. Tomorrow we will get a close-up look, but we are no longer naive, many roads may be closed due to snow.

Recap: Tooth feels good, motorhome is 100%,(I think), Banff is a little over an hour away.

More later.

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  1. Wow dental problems,and a leaky pump,you are having more than your share of bad luck, but the tooth would have probably acted up if you were home, Hey Paul, if that is a shurflo pump and the plastic case isn't cracked, hold onto it till you get back, they stock kits with all the o-rings and seals, and you can probably rebuild it to carry as a spare. Hope you guys have a better week after the dental work is finished. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.