Monday, June 28, 2010

New Computer

I finally broke down and bought a new computer and I thought (foolishly) that my problems would soon be over. NOT!!! I also bought a device to transfer files from the old hard drive to the new computer and was surprised to find that it still doesn't allow me to run my mapping program or my financial program. I have neither of the original discs with me.

I believe that I got a good deal on my new HP computer, being in Alaska and all, where all the gold in the ground has been mined out and all the new gold is being brought in by tourists. There will be more to say later, but at least I can blog and play games. Oh, I can email, too.



  1. Great news on the computer,now start the pictures again, we really enjoy following your travels. If you have Delorme, and registered it you can probably download what you need from their website, they are very good about that. Don't know Abour Streets & trips since it is a Microsoft program. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Yea for new computer. Boo for programs not working! Your dead computer made me realize that we need to back up our pics on 2 laptops in case something happens. We have made it to Alaska!!