Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a nice day!

You all have been very patient while I whined and whined about the very poor weather we've been having. The forecast is for continued rain for at least several more days. Yesterday my replacement heater core arrived right on schedule and I was determined to get it in no matter how bad the weather. Shortly before it came, the clouds parted and we had a very warm, beautiful afternoon. The temperature was 65 and it could not have been better for working on the motorhome.

The pieces and parts went together well and it was nice to have everything going right. I did have to pause for awhile to go out and get some automotive sealer to do the job right. I was done before dark and even had time to pick up and stow all my tools and get the Jeep ready for traveling today.

We headed out around nine, heading for Calgary. Heading up Route 89, the GPS said I had to make a turn to the right in 57 miles, and I figured that we'd have that much to go before getting to Canada. All of a sudden we drove over a hill and there was Canada Customs. The agent took our Passports and wanted to see our registration and insurance papers. He also saw the dogs and wanted to see their papers as well. In the many trips to Canada, this is the first time we had to show those papers. He asked if we had guns or explosives, as usual then wished us a nice trip.

We made it to our destination around 5:00, but we were a bit disappointed in the campground. The comments I read were generally good, the only complaint being the noise from the highway so close. I don't find the noise too bad,but the run-down campground with all the large mud puddles is a bit much to take.

Tomorrow we'll start the next act in the saga of our Alaska trip. I had work done to a tooth just a couple of days before vacation. Dr. Magyar's associate thought that a root canal and crown were indicated, but I told him about our imminent vacation and he did a work-a-round, thinking the root canal could wait until I returned. A week ago, the same tooth started to bother me greatly. It wasn't caused be a dying nerve, but an extreme sensitivity to cold, or anything remotely cool. We saw a dentist in Billings and he though we might get lucky with fluoride therapy, but the situation has gone from bad to worse. I have a list of periodontists and endodontists in Calgary and Helen is going to call around for a referral and a possible appointment. I'll have more information later. We will take care of this and move on.


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  1. Great to hear you are up and running,you still have a long way to go, we just got back from a week at the lake, this was Rigg's first camping trip as we didn't take him last summer as we only had a week, he really did well, with little or no barking and being very social with other campers and their dogsa. I wouldn't be suprised if the neighbors in the campground next door don't go out and get a Lab as they were completely taken by Rigg's personality. Tell Jodie and Coco their buddy is keeping up with their trip. be safe out there, Sam & Donna.