Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All alone with the pups

Since Helen was going to drive some friends to Moffitt today, I had "night duty" with the puppies. We fed them at 10:00 PM, then I fed them around 3:30 AM and again around 6:30. Helen left a little before 8 and I was left alone for the day. I like to give the pups more running room, so I put down newspaper and let them run free. They seem to enjoy having more room and doing some exploring. Of course, all too soon they want to get out to explore more of the house. They are at a stage where they play with each other and today one of the pups took up one of the toys Helen put in with them. He was a ferocious dog, grabbing the little stuffed toy and shaking his head back and forth. Their energy is soon all used up and they gather in a group to sleep.

I've been a little concerned that the amount of milk that they need is taxing the mother and I see the last few pups going from nipple to nipple trying to find one that "works". Yesterday I mixed up a bowl of formula and it was well taken by some of the puppies. For some reason, the puppies that look like mini boxers took to it instantly while the others can't seem to make the connection.

Here, more of them are getting into the second bowl which has the dual function of food dish and wading pool. The formula went very quickly, but I don't know how much was eaten and how much was worn.

After all the bellies were full, they got very sleepy and I put them in a box so I could clean out the pen and cage and put down fresh towels.

The next item on my agenda was to wash all those dirty little faces and feet. While I was at it I decided to clip their nails. Now, on the Internet, nail clipping is a must do for puppies, though Helen and I didn't do it with the puppies last year. This litter is so much more active and the pups are doing a job on Momma's belly. They push on the towel with their hind feet and claw at the belly with their front feet. This is especially true of the mini boxers.

Wiping them off was no problem and a few even liked it. Clipping the nails was another matter. I certainly could have used another set of hands. They are small, but strong for their size and wiggly as eels.


  1. Paul, the difference in just a couple of weeks is amazing, is that female golden the light colored one that I first saw with the Mom when you first got them, Aria, neat name and if she is a vocal one is asserting herself early.You guys sure have your hands full, Heck we have some busy days just with the one.I can imagine trying to clip those little razor sharp nails, poor Sandy, she is such a great Mom. Rigg's has gotten to the point now that when he sees Donna with the nail trimmer he lays down and hands her one paw at a time, it used to be a two man job me holding him down and Donna clipping. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I thought in the first picture they were all trying to read the same page of the paper.

    We had to feed Annie bitch milk (formula)she was 4 weeks old when we got her.Mom could not feed the 9 she had.So I would have to get up at night to feed her.