Monday, September 13, 2010

Wash Day!!!

The puppies are getting cuter by the day. Now they can see and I caught this one giving me the eye.

We're feeding them differently now. There really isn't enough room in the crate, so Helen has the Mom outside the crate and feeds the pups in shifts. That way she knows that they are all getting a chance to feed.

With nine puppies, every day is wash day and our washer and dryer are working overtime. In addition, the pups need a cleaning from time to time and today was the day.

"Lady, can't you see that I don't like this? If you try this when I grow up, you're in BIG trouble."

The drying system. Towel #1 is the wettest, #2 is nearly dry, and #3 is very dry. When dry, the pups are weighed and placed in the "warming tray".

This is where we place the pups until they are totally dry. Underneath is a heating pad set on low, covered by a towel, then a layer of puppies and another towel.

This was the most active and vocal puppy, the tan female. When Helen held her over the water she looked down and started screaming. It didn't work as she still got a bath.

Not one to give up, after the drying process and being placed with her litter mates, she started to howl. It wasn't too loud, but it did allow her to vent her frustration..

Some of the others calmed right down and went right to sleep. The bath was right after eating, so with a warm bath and a full belly they went to sleep. Except for the complainer, of course.

A clutch of contented pups.

She was so content to lay on her back and enjoy the warmth of the heating pad and the heat from the lights over the counter.

I'm pleased to report that the pups are all gaining weight. Some are gaining a lot faster than others, but that's the same as last time. This time we really don't have a runt as they're all fairly close together in size.

More fun to come.

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  1. The pup in the top picture has a kinda Labbish face and looks really alert, the one under the faucet almost has a bulldog face, you really have some cuties, How's that light colored male doing. Donna said she saw your flower over the sink, that's where Donna put hers so she can turn it on when she does dish's.What a job you guys have taken on, it looks like an assembly line. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.