Friday, September 10, 2010

Two weeks and a day!

That's how old the pups are today. What has changed? Well, they all have their eyes open and are walking on four legs. This means that they are much more active and occasionally get out of the crate. Most of the time they are just living the life of ease.

Or cuddling up with Mom.

And, of course, there's breakfast, and after breakfast treat, lunch, and after lunch treat, dinner, and after dinner treat, bedtime snack, midnight snack, and more...

I'm about as cute as can be! Don't you agree?

Hey!!! I'm cute. too!!!

Can't you guys let me sleep?

Mom is learning to play with Jodie and Coco.

And, she knows how to keep the toy.

Mother and pups are all doing fine. The puppies are getting more vocal every day and the Mom did a LOT of howling when a friend came to visit. I guess that just by being in the house he was much too close to the puppies. Sandy sometimes joins my two loud mouths with a bark from time to time, but she really bellowed when my friend came over. I thing Sandy may have smelled Dave's dog, Lola, on him. There were no nips or bites, so there was no foul

This afternoon the puppies have another date with the vet. We'll see how much they've gained and how well they are doing.


  1. Wow, some more great pictures, look's like Sandy is a really good Mom, Hope all is well at the Vets today. Give them all a pet for us. Including Jodie & Coco. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I have to keep Angela off here when you show pictures,she keeps saying she wants one.We have three and were trying to down size.

  3. For whatever reason I wasn't picking up your feed and didn't realize you were still posting. Those pups are just about the cutest thing out there. Thanks for taking such good care of them!

  4. nice to see the pups doing so darn cute!!!