Friday, September 3, 2010

Another day with the puppies.

The puppies were a week old yesterday. Although they don't seem to change much, they are growing very fast. We weigh them and are surprised at how much they put on in just a few days.

Last night we gave Sandy a bath in the large set tub in the laundry. She didn't give us any real trouble, but she was extremely tense. The rinse water was like mud and we think that she may not have had many baths. Like Jodie and Coco, she seemed to really enjoy the towel dry and rub down.

Today it was the puppies who got bathed. How's this for the "wet rat" look?

This is the "before" box. No point in washing one twice and another not at all.

Here is the "after" box. There's a heating pad under the blue towel to assure that they are kept warm. They may not look any cleaner, but they sure smell a lot better.

Momma and the pups at dinner time, which occurs about every hour.




  1. They are looking to cute and growing,everytime Angela see the pictures she wants one..

  2. love the last picture..that one sure loves his momma!!

  3. Boy I can't get over how pretty they are, but I'll bet you both have your hands full, it's great that Sandy is good natured and allows you access to her brood,we have seen some mighty protective Mom's. That little light colored pup is a hoot, he sure seems to get the premium spots with his Mom,I'll bet he will be the pick of the litter, does he show Lab traits yet. Paul & Helen, God Bless the effort you are putting forth to help these little creatures. The world needs a lot more people like you, Be safe out there, your friends. Sam & Donna.