Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day two with the new family

Yes, today is our second day with Sandy and her pups. We notice that these pups are a lot healthier looking than the last litter, but we still took them to the vet this afternoon to have them all checked out. Mom and pups have some fleas and we removed wood ticks from Mom and one pup. Mom also has some ear problems and some other things that we are addressing.

Everyone at the vets office was taken with the pups and Sandy. She is such a quiet dog and didn't give the vet or the assistants any trouble what so ever. Naturally, she tries to be with her pups all the time.

Helen was up all night just in case there was a problem. Sandy had 10 pups, but one got smothered at the shelter. On the way home from Lake County, every time one of the pups would screech Helen would want me to pull over. Just as soon as I stopped the mother would get up and the screeching would stop. In our last litter we lost one to smothering the first night and we are paranoid about losing another.

There is a great variance between the puppies and when we asked the vet what she thought they might be, she would not commit. However, when we told her that the dog came from animal hoarders who had over 60 dogs. she stated that the puppies could have two or more fathers. I didn't know that could happen, but apparently when there are a great number of males available it can happen.

This last picture is a real cutie, Momma and the white male. Because the puppies are so different, we are able to easily tell them apart by their color and markings. Helen thinks one father might be a Lab, another a Husky, and a third a pit bull. The animal shelter told us that all three males were part of the hoard, so it is possible.

They are a cute bunch of puppies and we, again, feel privileged to be doing this again. In a few days, when we're both in dire need of sleep, we may feel differently, but for now we are elated.


  1. You guys are very special to take on a job like this.We got Annie when she was 4 weeks because mom could not feed her and the other 8.

  2. That header picture is absolutely beautiful, nothing could show a mother's love any better,I agreewith Kenny & Angela, but we knew after we met you guys that you were special people and had am undying love for animals.Gosh you have your work cut out for you with the long night's and little sleep. I liked that little white guy from the first I saw him, I wonder if he will turn out to be the leader of the pack. He seems to muscle in to be close to Mom. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.