Thursday, August 5, 2010

Doing a little better.

We did a little better with the miles covered today. It helps when you get an early start, but we had a few errands to tend to on the way. Coming across South Dakota, I wanted to stop in Madison at "My Dakota Address", the firm that has been handling our mail. They have been SUPER, but I can't say the same about the US Postal Service. Getting mail in Alaska proved to be a major problem. It always takes several time longer than in the lower states. Added to that, the PO in Valdez was a mess where they were unable to find packages that were traced to that very office. In the end, it was all waiting for me in Madison. Then we wanted to pick up a few supplies at a real USA type Walmart. Fresh fruit at a SMALL fraction of what it costs north of the border. In addition, we can find the products that we've been used to. Still, we covered about 450 miles today.

Yesterday?? I think, I mentioned the Circle 10 campground someplace east of Rapid City, SD. It was not the fanciest campground but it more than makes up for it with the friendliness of the staff. Very, very pleasant people and a great continental breakfast, not to mention a potent WiFi connection.

Tonight we're at some Lighthouse campground right on the Missouri River, a bit west of Whiting, Iowa. This is a nice grassy location and the natives are very friendly. Tomorrow we'll let the dogs swim in the Missouri prior to giving them a bath. For $22.00 we were given our choice of any site and I think we actually cover two. There are showers and laundry. They are very dog friendly, and the free WiFi is as good as any I've had on this vacation. The only downside to this location is the mosquitoes. I hope it will be better in the morning when the sun is out.

Tomorrow we make tracks down the western edge of Iowa and then across Missouri. I hope all continues well. Right now it looks like well reach home on Monday.

Getting the last tank of diesel is always a consideration before we get home as there has not been a suitable site in our town. However, just before we left for vacation a new Racetrac station opened up with easy access for my rig, and it's only three miles from home. No more worried about condensation in a partially empty tank.


  1. Sorry we missed your call last night it looks like you guys are 8 hours and 466 miles fron the house here,I don't know if i gave you our address but it is 1418 feise Rd, 1 Block down the street before you get to the house is The Prairie View Elementary School on Feise Rd, it is closed for the summer and has a huge parking lot, Our drive will fit your Motor home but you would have to disconnect your toad and vack out. This way you could park on the lot and I will come and meet you, there is also a alMart at the Highway N exit to I-64/US 61. or if your staying the night you have a choice of our house, Wally docking or the parking lot at the school, or the Lake camping ground which is 20 minutes away. We are hoping to see you guys late Friday. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  2. We filled up west of Sioux Falls and calculated that was enough to get us home and then the 190 mile north to my father-in-laws for storage. But as you know we sold BAMH right away. The poor little guy who bought it (he could barely see over the steering wheel!) had to stop and fill it or he'd run out before getting to Cincinnati.