Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heading Home

We got the first early start in quite a while when we left the campground in St. Mary, Montana, just outside the East Entrance to Glacier National Park. We drove to Browning, Montana where we filled the motorhome from the same pump that we used on that cold, snowy night two months ago. It was a real difference. Helen noted that she was unable to see rivers that were visible before there were leaves on the trees.

I put on some heavy mileage, over 626 miles yesterday and felt that I could have driven several hundred more. It was a delusion on my part. We settled for the night in the Walmart in Gillette, Wyoming with several other campers.

I refer to the delusion on my part because here it is the next day and I couldn't manage 300 miles, and the last 50 I was falling asleep. Happily, we found a nice campground right off I-90 called the Circle 10. We ended up here because I got confused with my destination and thought I was actually 100 miles further east. Hot, endless showers, dog friendly, EXCELLENT free wifi, and a continental breakfast. WOW!

So I've fallen behind on my intended travel and will TRY to make up some time tomorrow.

More later,


  1. Take it at your own pace, I know some days on the bus were killers and I wished that they would end sooner, there are many places to stop and enjoy when you are not pressed on a time schedule. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna..

  2. WOW...626 is a long haul...especially through the mountains! Be safe!