Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation is over!

Wow, have we had a grand three months! I didn't count the states and provinces, but it added up to 11531 miles. Knowing what I know now, would I do it again? YES!!! In two years if I can talk Helen into it. There will be some changes next time, more time on the Kenai Peninsula. Halibut fishing from Homer or Valdez. Time my stay for the lowest tides, for clamming and also for the best fishing , for salmon. We will plan to see places on the way, as we did this time, but Glacier National Park will not be one of the destinations.

Now the fun begins as we transition into life at home. Being the super sensitive husband that I am, I took steps to make Helen's work easier. A few days ago I bought her a new lawn mower. She doesn't like to use the riding lawn tractor and has been using an old push lawnmower. Last year it was so hard to start that I'd have to give it a shot of starting ether to get it going. The new one starts easy on the first pull, but Helen doesn't even have to pull the start cord as it is electric start. And, it's self propelled. I know, I know, I'm too good to her, but she deserves the best.

Before vacation her car developed a bad coolant leak that made it undrivable and that is the project I'm working on now. I know I whined about the wet, cold Alaska coastal weather, but it's really hot and humid and I'd like some of that Alberta, Canada weather right now. OK, I've been avoiding the garage by writing this blog, but now it's time to get back to work.


  1. I miss the weather up north!!! It was awesome to be COLD in the middle of summer...but it was like having a 2nd spring and now we are having a 2nd summer. I just have not gotten used to the heat & humidity again...but I think you have it worse!

    That is great that you want to go back. You should stay at Deep Creek St Park in Ninilchik next time. It's a great place for razor clamming and watching the fishing boats launch is cool. You could probably get launched yourself. If we return to AK, it will be YEARS from now. It was a major feat to pull off that trip with 3 children and busy lives. We do hope to vacation more often, but probably more like 2 weeks at a time. Our successful planning has motivated us to do something else big~ we are remodeling our house now. Our bedroom is now a cool glacier blue color. I wish we had purchased some art in AK, but we didn't know we were going to change things at home. Bathroom is torn apart and kitchen cabinets have been ordered. I get the easy part of this...picking out colors and appliances. Eric is doing all the work! LOL!

  2. Hi folks its Donna, again it was a great pleasure meeting you and the girls. Wow 11thou miles that is a lot. Yes Paul you are a thoughtful husband. Reminds me of the Christmas Sam gave me wiper blades for my car, I was so overwhelmed I was speechless, what I was thinking is a different story! Riggs is up to his prankish self. Enjoy being home. Giv the girls a big hug for us and a sniff from Riggs