Monday, August 2, 2010

Back in the Lower 48

Yes, we're back in Montana, just outside the east gate of Glacier National Park. We got in yesterday afternoon and before dark I took quick ride into the park a ways. Glacier is not in the same league as some of the glaciers we saw in Alaska, but it was very scenic just the same. I saw a herd of elk as I was coming out, but that was all.

Today Helen and I took a drive all the way through and it was an ordeal. Thankfully, Helen was driving, because the traffic was terrible and construction on the road held us up for long periods on several locations. When we got to the west gate, rather than turn around and follow the Glacier road back, we chose to drive the long way around. It was longer, but there was no traffic or construction problems. Besides, If we had driven the Glacier road back, I would have been on the outside looking down into the abyss. It's not a feeling I treasure.

I think or rather I know that the vacation is now behind us. Helen has given up on the Chief Crazy Horse monument and just wants to get back home as fast as possible. We've been at it a long time and it will be good to get home, heat, humidity, and all.

This brings us to another question. Does she mean as fast as possible by my standards or as fast as possible by hers? She doesn't let me drive too fast or too far in a day because it upsets Jodie. My best bet might be to fly her and Jodie home and Coco and I can cruise our own way.

We'll see what happens. What ever else, we're leaving tomorrow for points south.


  1. There is something about hitting the lower 48 that makes you want to just zoom home! We sure did!

  2. hey there..found your site through Sam and Donna..thought I would hang out with you for a while..keep on writing and we will keep on reading!!