Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy, busy, busy, busy.

We seem to be in a situation where we are idle for days at a time and then all heck breaks loose. Last week was an easy week, sleeping in most days and taking it easy. Friday evening we drove to Clarmont to pick up Grandsons 2 and 4, Keaton and Kyle who are children of my older son, Paul Jr. and his wife Robin. We had a nice ride home. They watched "Back to the Future" on TV and went to bed. It was all very peaceful.

Saturday morning we rose and made plans to go to Brandon to watch Grandson 3 and Granddaughter 2, Kolbie and Kourtnie, children of my younger son Scott and his wife Heather. Kolbie plays football for the Brandon Cowboys Peewee team and Kourtnie is a cheerleader for an older boys' team. Grandson 1, Branden, was around but I guess it's not cool to be around parents and grandparents because we saw him from time to time, but only in passing.

The whole atmosphere in Brandon was about the Brandon Cowboys and Keaton, Kyle, Helen and I were more like bumps on a log. After Kolbie's game we went back to Scott's house for a couple of hours and soaked up the air conditioning. It was HOT at the football field, even in the shade, and I don't know how all those kids can stand all the phisical activity in that heat. Heather was head of her cheerleading squad and Scott was the videographer, so we kept company with Heathers father and step-mother and her grandmother. Keaton and Kyle were playing with one of Heather's neighbor's kids. With all the heat, humidity, and boredom, Keaton and Kyle were remarkably well behaved.

We got home and I was able to find a tape of "Back to the Future II" and I set that up on the bedroom TV so the kids could watch from the bed. After that, they had me comb my tapes to find "Back to the Future III" but it could not be found. Sunday we all rose late and Helen took the boys to see the latest "Nanny McFee" movie. Later on, we called PT and Robin and made plans to meet them for supper at the Golden Corral in Clarmont. Luckily, we were joined by Kristin and Kimmy, too. It was nice having that whole family together. Kimmy is an animated little doll. We left them at the restaurant and headed home to a life of ease, or so we thought.

At home I checked our email and found a plea from a member of Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida to save a mother Lab and her nine puppies at the Lake County Animal Shelter. I checked with Helen to see if she felt up to doing this again and she said yes, so I emailed back the Helen and I would intervene. This morning we drove the 48 miles to the animal shelter in Tavares and picked up the yellow Lab and her nine offspring. Unlike our experience last year in Suwanee County, This one was clean and modern. The animals appeared to be well taken care of. The mother lab and all her pups were in very good condition.

So I've started to build a new kennel in the corner of the family room as we had last year. Only now, because of past experience, it goes up a lot easier. A couple of pictures are posted on Jodie and Coco's blog, but I will post more here later on.

Jodie and Coco are a lot more reserved with this group of new-comers than they were last year, though both of them are sticking pretty close to me.

More later.

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  1. Thank God you & Helen are up to this task, I wish there was some way we could help but with Donna working full time and me having to go spend a month in PA. with my sister right now is a bad time. Please send pictures of the new Mom & her family, I'll bet they are beautiful.Rigg's is doing fine and we got he a collor like jodie 7 Coco use, it seems to be working, Donna is also enrolling him in a leash training program so I hope this will help to.Hope to hear from you soon. Sam & Donna.