Friday, August 20, 2010

I've been making progress

Today I FINALLY got the bugs washed off the front of the motorhome. It might not seem like much, but there were almost three months of bugs there! Well, that's not true as I cleaned the front a number of times, but only concentrated on the windows the last week or so. I used car wash and that didn't work too well so I tried the old fabric softener sheets. They worked better, but still not real easy. I finally settled on a bottle of black mark and bug cleaner that Helen bought me eons ago. That was the best of all and I finally got the front washed. I started a few days ago, but shortly after I started a violent thunder storm struck and that chased me inside. The same happened yesterday. Today I started early, but I could only do a little at a time as the sun was beating me on the back and it was in the high 90s. Finally I was done and since everything inside was completed, I moved the RV back under its canopy.

The dogs are getting a lot of exercise each day now. We start with a session of fetch, during which they make a detour into the woods to take care of business. Then it's into the pool. They do love the pool and jump in every chance they get. Again, I toss the balls and Coco does most of the retrieving, but Jodie will occasionally grab a ball that comes close to her. Then I leave them alone for a while. Jodie wants Coco to chase her but Coco only wants to fetch the toys. She'll push a ball off the edge of the pool and watch the current take it away. Then, when it gets far enough she'll pounce on it and bring it back. From time to time during their pool time I will take them out to play fetch and give them a chance to do business in the woods. I'll even take some time to play tug with Jodie. It's funny how each dog has her own likes and dislikes.

Later this afternoon I sprayed the engine compartment of the Jeep with solvent and let it set a while. When I hosed it off, I was amazed at the amount of sand that came out of the compartment. I guess that all those miles behind the motorhome caught a lot of dirt.

Also this afternoon, the gaskets for Helen's car arrived. I just don't feel like tearing into it today, but first thing tomorrow that will be a priority. I'll get to see just how systematic I was in taking it all apart. Thankfully, I had the sense to take pictures as I went along so I can see how everything should look as it goes back together.

Although we have the internet connection and internet phone, we've had no TV since the awful thunderstorm several days ago. It's almost like camping where we do a lot of reading and turn in early. We wonder what's going on in the world though.


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  1. Sounds like you had a full day of work.I bet the dogs love that pool.Annie would love to be able to swim everyday.

    As I write this she is laying on the couch as she does most of the day.