Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove

With vacation a thing of the past, it was only a matter of time before I really got back in the groove. After a good night's sleep, I was full of enthusiasm this morning as I tackled one job after another. In this motorhome, the batteries are in the rear as is the engine. My battery isolation system should have been in the back, also. In my Southwind the batteries were in the front and the isolator was also in the front. With our Safari, the batteries were in the back and the isolator was in the back also, under the bed, but easily accessible. This morning I took off the access panels under the bed to get to the battery isolator, or at least where I reasoned the isolator would be. It was not found! With a lot of grunting and groaning I got under the motorhome and searched there. Nope! OK, time to call Winnebago and find out where it really is. A few minutes later I had the answer. The solenoid is in a front panel under the hood, it's chest high and very easy to find.

It was! I did a few tests and became positive that the solenoid was the problem. When power was connected to the solenoid, I could hear the click, but it would pass no electricity. I went to a NAPA auto store and got a replacement and installed it a few minutes ago and all works fine now.

In addition to the previous, I repaired the runners on several drawers and I'm in the process of strengthening the drawers as well. One down and several to go. I'm also waiting for the gaskets for Helen's Lincoln so I can put the engine back together.

Yes, I'm getting a lot done today, but I'd rather be fishing in Alaska.

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