Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Trying to Catch Up

OK, I know that I've been delinquent in my blog. Jodie and Coco have been after me for days, but I told them that I have to finish mine before I can take their dictation. Please believe that taking care of 12 dogs is a lot of work. We did almost the same last November and I don't remember it being quite this hectic. Of course we have one more puppy this year and I guess he's turned out to be a hassle.

Last Saturday we had our friends Barbara and Rita over for dinner. It was Barb's birthday and she turned 39 again. Rita is a little older so she is also 39, but with more agains.

Hello, I'm Barb and it's my birthday!

Helen did a great job on the supper and it's a good thing that she had control of the whole thing. I'll explain that later. Steaks on the grill is always a good choice, especially when I'm not cooking.

Barb and Rita at the counter.

This is the cake that Barb wanted for her birthday,
delicious, but oh so rich.

Of course the puppies take a lot of our time. The thing is .....they are just so cute!!! Another thing is that we get to see what most people don't. We saw them as tiny blind lumps that had to be led to the mother to nurse. We saw them beginning to walk, when their legs would barely hold them. Then the started to run, or at least they tried to run, as they often ended up falling to pone side. They have gone from depending on the mother all the time to supplementary formula. Now they're on solid food, though we soak the puppy kibbles to make them soft. We had no choice but wean them off the mom because they have sharp teeth and mom was growling a bit when they were too aggressive. Look at the pictures. How aggressive could they be?


I'll sleep when I'm good and ready!

OK,people. We're awake FEED US!!!

Ha, Ha, I've got the toy!

Of course, we're not forgetting the adult dogs. They will not let us. Here Coco is making sure that Helen is aware that it's time for the 6 PM cookies. Jodie and Coco have been doing it for years and Sandy has fallen into the same rut. In almost every case, the cookie begging is started by Coco. Then when the door to the cookie closet is opened, Jodie and Sandy materialize.


Speaking of how Sandy picks up my dogs' habits, she saw Jodie pick up something and present it to us when we came in from outside. Jodie has been doing this for years. When we go out, she greets us with something she picks off the floor, a shoe, sandal, sock, anything that she may find. Sandy saw this and after a couple of days she started the same thing. This is what greeted Helen when she returned from shopping.

These are for you, Mom.

Now let me explain why it was a good thing that Helen cooked the steaks. last night I was in charge of cooking hamburgers on the grill. Two hamburgers are not a lot to take care of, but they slipped my mind and when I got to the grill I found......

Two VERY WELL DONE hamburgers.

Two just right hamburgers, ready for cheese.

So, have I learned my lesson? Unfortunately, no! Tonight I was cooking chop suey at the point where I had browned the pork and added the onions and celery. Then something occurred to me and I wanted to make just a quick trip to the computer. Next thing I know Helen yells that the supper is burning. Well, it wasn't burned too bad and charcoal flavored pork chop suey is not too bad. Now I'm pretty much caught up. I thought I'd go into my room and do some reading, but Coco is insisting on working on her blog.

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  1. As I have said before you two have taken on an awesome task with all those little guys, Even with just Rigg's, he demands a lot of attention, I think bringing something of yours to you is a Lab trait, Rigg's does it when he wants more attention, like when your getting ready for work and ignoring him. We always called him a stealer because he will disappear and return with a sock or underwear or whatever he can grab out the the hamper, and yes he can open the lid with his nose and dive in. Usually when one of us comes in after being away he will do the full body wag wear he wags his tail so hard his whole body moves. Sam is going to be the Chief cook and bottle washer up in PA. so he will have a chance to beat Paul's record, the worse part will be switching from an electric stove to gas, I can see some burnt food in his future. Be safe out there. Hope to see you someday. Sam & Donna.