Monday, November 15, 2010

Connecting with friends

Yesterday our friend Lorena dropped in for a visit. Lorena comes from New Brunswick, Canada and we first met her at an FMCA rally in Brooksville. That's just a few miles south of us in Hernando County. Although Lorena has chosen the southwest the last two years, she's going to take her chances in Florida this winter in the hope that it will not be a repeat of last winter. Her camper is a new-to-her Class B that is worlds apart from her old one. This is a LOT more comfortable and roomy than the last.

Today we also had Rita and Barb over from Homosassa. They have met Lorena in the past and they all get along well. Helen dug into our freezer and came out with halibut and salmon that we brought back from Alaska. Salmon and halibut on the grill is still kind of new to Helen, but she did a fantastic job! The salmon was very good, but the halibut was superb. In addition, we had smoked salmon dip and that just added to the gourmet meal.

Lorena from Canada

Barb and Rita from Homosassa

All three partaking of the smoked salmon dip.

I think we all had a good time as the conversation was lively and there were no disruptions. The three dogs tried to muscle in to get a lot of attention and they succeeded most of the time. Fortunately, all three ladies are dog people.

On the personal front, I'm still slathering on medicated goo. Geez I hate the feeling of that cold glop sitting on my skin. At least the rash is looking much better, but no one can venture a guess as to what has caused it. I think they want me to get it cleared up so I can take that medicine that caused it the last time, just to make sure of what the cause is.

I'm making little headway on the replacement of the Lincoln radiator. I had to remove the lower hose and I was pretty sure that it would mean a soaking with coolant. I was right. The hose was lower than any other point and I got pretty wet. It'a good thing that I have more coveralls. I'll have to put a major effort into the project tomorrow.

While I was looking at Lorena's camper this afternoon I noticed that the right front of my motorhome was looking very low. What a surprise! The tire was totally flat and the bead separated from the rim. I lifted the front end with the levelers and got the tire off the ground. Luckily, the tire bead pulled back against the rim and I was able to seat the tire with air pressure. I pumped the tire up to 75 pounds several hours ago and when I last checked it was holding steady. Don't you just love an intermittent air leak?

Well, that's about all for now.

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  1. It's great when friends gather, I see you have to replace the radiator, don't you just love disposable stuff instead of just having to have it soldered or rodded, like the old days. Nobody even does that anymore, you get a leak you buy a whole radiator. Give the girls a good pet and tummy rub for us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...