Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growing Family

Our family of two people and two dogs has been supplemented with the addition of another dog. Sandy is now part of the family and part of the Jodie-Coco-Sandy pack. Oh, I said that we would not be adopting another dog, but even as I said so, I knew that Helen had her heart set on this foster pooch, and I knew the eventual outcome.

Sandy is a special dog who has had a rough time in her young life. When she first came to live with us she was so afraid of everything and everyone. It has been two months and she has come out of her shell with us. She is still extremely shy and afraid of strangers. I thought it would be a shame to uproot her again with another family. She is a dear dog. She travels MUCH better than Coco or Jodie. Gentle to the extreme she is a real joy to have around. We could hardly refuse to adopt her when she had obviously already adopted us.

It reminds me of the time we went to adopt Jodie. There were about five adoptable Labs there, but Jodie made it known that whatever we did and whichever dog we chose, she was going home with us. We never regretted her choice. Later, when we wanted to get another dog, Jodie didn't get along with any that were available at the time. Later still, we were told about Coco and they met outside Pat's house in New Port Richie. After a quick sniff and some tail wagging Coco was on the way home with us. Last week, Sandy had to go to the vets for booster shots. When Helen and Sandy returned, Coco and Jodie greeted her like she had returned from a long absence. Sandy has just joined the family, but she has been part of the pack for weeks.


  1. Paul & Helen, God Bless you both, I knew if anyone would find it in their hearts to make a place for Sandy it would be you, and I was secretly hoping so as she seemed to attach herself to you and Jodie & Coco. I also felt that since she had been abused in the past, it would take the love and patience you guys have to bring her back to a normal life. You are special people, and we are proud to have met you both and include you in our list of dearest friends, we look forward to seeing you again, and also the three girls.Please be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. congrats on your 'new/old' addition..Sandy hit the jackpot!!!