Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Palm Bay, Florida.....continued

Yesterday we headed out to the Brevard County Zoo with my brother, Ricky, and his wife, Linda. We stopped on the way to have breakfast at Perkins and I think everyone was pleased.

The Zoo is not on the same scale as major zoos, but what they did have was done well. Our first destination was the giraffe area, but the noise coming from the primate island was overpowering. It turned out to be a Gabon, a large ape who certainly could howl.

One noisy SOB!!!!

Here Ricky and Linda are leading the way to the giraffe exhibit, which is the big draw of this zoo.

Crackers are available here and the animals know just how to get them. Their tongues are awesome and I watched them take crackers from children by sticking their long tongues through the net and grab the cracker as if the tongue was another hand.

Macaws are always a colorful addition to a zoo.

Ricky and Linda feeding Lorries. It was a strange feeling to walk across the enclosure feeling one crawling up my back. I had no food, and it soon left me for greener pastures.

Linda, Ricky, and Helen trying to lure a giraffe close enough to feed.

The resident White Rhino. The picture does not do justice to his size.

In the evening, we got together with Ricky's family for dinner at the new Texas Roadhouse in Palm Bay. Every time we visited in the past we ate at the Texas Roadhouse in Melbourne. The new one in Palm Bay is closer. I was delighted to find that there is one in Brooksville now.

These characters from right to left are: Ricky, Linda, my nephew, Todd, my niece, Tammy, and Tammy's friend, Mike.

Two more days and we'll head back to Inverness.

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