Friday, November 19, 2010

Staying Busy

I got an email last night asking me to check out a Labrador Retriever that some people want to turn over to Lab Rescue. It called for me to drive out and verify that the dog was a Labrador Retriever or at least look significantly like one. So I drove over to Homosassa to see the dog and was pleased with what I saw. Cody was well behaved, didn't jump, didn't act hostile around me, and in fact, he was well mannered.

The two pictures above are of Cody, the dog up for adoption. The picture below is of Paula Dean, a greyhound that is a permanent fixture here.

And the picture below is of a little cutie that plays with all the dogs.

The people are actually giving up their son's dog as he is very busy and not around all the time and the parents feel that Cody deserves more. The parents have their hands full with rescued greyhounds, most of which have health issues that will preclude adoption. I think they have a total of six dogs that require daily medical care, so I can see how they have their hands full. In addition, they're caring for a granddaughter. I do wish them well and hope we can help them out.

The two pictures below are of Lorena's new-to-her motorhome which I believe she got last year. It's not a big Class A, but it is worlds apart from the van camper she used to have. She is quite the adventurer, heading out across the continent in search of warmth and fellow campers. She is completely undaunted by some of the possible problems that keep others at home.

Lorena left yesterday morning heading for an oil change and greener pastures. She hasn't gone very far and suggests that we get together next week for dinner some night. She is quite the character and very self sufficient. When I got up, the extension cord that we used to run power to her rig was neatly coiled and sitting in the step to my motorhome.

OK, I've run out of good news. The radiator that I replaced is not leaking. That might be because pressure doesn't build up. Why, you ask? Well, probably because I didn't replace the radiator cap. It was near there before Helen took the car out yesterday, so I expect the cap is someplace between here and Walmart. The other not-so-good news is that one of the transmission fluid connections is leaking and I'm now working on that. I'm trying to do it without taking too much apart, but that is always futile for some reason.

I got a comment from Sam about how nice it is to work when you have the tools and the work place and he is correct. Some years ago Helen's Dad passed away Christmas Eve. It was a terrible time for the whole family, especially Helen and her Mom. Our station wagon, which was out only car, was going to be needed for transportation the day after Christmas and the muffler was gone. I had a new one on hand and had to spend a good part of Christmas Day installing it. The temperature was well below freezing and snow was blowing under the car. I was working in the yard as we had no garage. I could only work a few minutes at a time before my fingers would not work. I'd go inside and run my hands under warm water for a while, then go back out in the cold and snow. When I think of those days, my complaints now are frivolous

OK, I've been taking it easy for too long and it's time to go back in the garage.

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  1. Cody looks very alert, is he an older Lab I noticed the grey beard, I'm so used to Rigg's who doesn't have a hair that isn't black.Sure hope someone claims him soon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.