Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I'm sitting here with just about enough energy and ambition to write a blog, as long as it's not too long. Ever have one of those days?

The three dogs are now in the pool after having a session of fetch. Sandy has come a long way with the fetch routine. She will chase the ball and bring it back, but she still will not drop the ball. However, she quickly gives up the ball if you take it from her mouth. Then she's ready to chase it again. Being considerably younger than the other two, she has a lot of energy. She doesn't run, she "floats" across the yard with a dainty gait much like a deer. It must be the ears. They must give her front end a little lift when she runs.

I took care of the transmission fluid leak at the radiator and now I only have one more leak to chase down. There were two coolant leaks coming from the front of the engine at the radiator ends, and one small leak coming from the rear of the engine, near the top and back under a multitude of wires, hoses, cables, and more. Looking up from underneath I can see where the leak is running down the side of the engine onto my face, but I cannot locate the source. I have a plan to use my laptop and my webcam to look where I could not possible see from above and I'm hoping it will be:
A. Something easy. and
B. Something accessible

I should be working on it today, but..........but......... I just can't come up with an excuse, I just don't want to do it today.

I think I'll just go to my room and finish my Baldacci book.

Have a safe weekend.


  1. nothing wrong with having a 'lazy day'..go for it!!

  2. I hope that top leak isn't the intake manifold, don't know what engine you have but the old 350m would leak from the very back square port on the intake manifold, not a lot usually but it could get serious, It does require removing the intake and throttle body to replace the gasket. I don't remember any freeze plugs near the top like the Chrysler 318s had. Anyway pray for something easy. although an intake isn't all that bad or heavy. Have a good day and give the girls a oet for me. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...